Hi, I am Michele Fahey


Here are a few random things about me:

I LOVE chocolate, donuts, and will try any dessert once.

I graduated from Quincy College. I love QC! 

I am married and have two kiddos. 

My sisters are my best friends. 

I love my dogs! Hurley was named after a character on Lost. My son came up with Maizey's name.

I am a St Louis Cardinals, Notre Dame, Fighting Illini, Golden State Warriors, and SHG fan.

I grew up in Ashland. I was in the last class to graduate from Ashland High School and Quincy College. 

I love Broadway musicals.

Green Day is the BEST! I also love Donnie Osmond.

I love movies. Hoosiers, The English Patient, Shakespeare In Love, La La Land, and Pitch Perfect are some of my favorites. All Seniors should watch Zoolander before their session. 

Felicity, Friday Night Lights, Lost, Survivor, the Office, Schitt's Creek, Friends, and Once and Again are some of the best shows ever.  

I specialize In Senior and Family photography.

My style is fresh, modern and full of fun! Ill stop at nothing to make sure you enjoy your session.

My goal is for you to have an absolute blast at your session! If we can do that, I know you will LOVE your portraits.